My Mk1 Sprite

My Austin Healey MK1 Sprite

Quite simply - this is where it all started, with the acquisition of my Frogeye Sprite. The rest, as they say is history!

Further details of my Sprite, such as some of the specifications can be found from "Articles" section on the main menu. Presented here are a series of photgraphs taken and documents collected during the course of restoring, and enjoying, my Frogeye.

Aligning pulleysAligning the pulleys on my Spriteview document
Supercharger mounting bracketSupercharger mounting bracketview document
Engine bay of my SpriteThe engine bay of my Spriteview document
Engine bay of Mk1 SpritePhoto of the engine bay of my Mk1 1 Spriteview document
Engine bay of Mk1 SpritePhotograph of the engine bay of my Mk1 Spriteview document
Aluminium radiatorPhoto showing aluminium radiator and fixingsview document
MK1 Sprite Engine bayGeneral view of MK1 Sprite engine bayview document
Lifting the hoodLifting the hood on my Mk1 Spriteview document
Full view of engine bayA full view of the engine bay on my Mk1 Spriteview document
Engine bay and head studsEngine bay showing ARP head studsview document
Engine bay with air ductingEngine bay of Mk1 Sprite with air ducting fittedview document
Sprite blower fanThe engine bay & fan/blower assemblyview document
Engine with supercharger removedView of the engine with the supercharger removedview document
Supercharger drive beltsSupercharger drive belts and mounting plateview document
Drive belt cutoutAdditional cutout for drive beltview document
Drive belt cutout (2)Additional cutout for drive belt (2)view document
Drive belt cutout (3)Close-up of additional cutout for drive belt.view document
Bottom hose extensionCopper pipe used to extend the bottom hoseview document
Supercharger fittedSupercharger fitted showing pulley assemblyview document
Supercharger and carburretorPhoto of fitted supercharger and carb.view document